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Fairly OddBaby is a 2008 television film and season premiere of The Fairly OddParents’ sixth season, which first aired on February 18, 2008. The episode was the first to air after a one-year hiatus. The episode received 8.81 million viewers in its initial airing.
The special follows on the series’ main character 10-year-old Timmy Turner with Cosmo and Wanda, who are Timmy’s fairy godparents and grant his wishes. The special introduces a newborn fairy baby named Poof, who is the child of Cosmo and Wanda and becomes Timmy’s fairy godbrother. Poof comes into existence when Cosmo and Wanda decide to have a child of their own, and Timmy wishes it so. However, because the fairy baby’s magic is developing and uncontrollable, villains called the anti-fairies (polar opposite of fairies) and pixies (business fairies) seek to steal the fairy baby so they can take over the fairies’ home, Fairy World.

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